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March 24, 2016

AIIM: Day 122 – Full Circle

October 9, 2011

One year and 152 posts later. Here’s to another 152.

AIIM: Day 16 – Robert Breer, Rug 1968

November 5, 2010

Fundamentals of Design

Robert Breer, Rug 1968

No class on the 28th. Instead, our assignment was to go to a museum and take a photo of something that we liked. That first photo is one that I took with my cell phone, and the second image I found online. It’s a photo of Robert Breer’s “Rug” from 1968 and it’s currently at the Walker Art Center.

Rug is a 4’x4′ aluminum sheet which bunches itself up and then unfurls and it continually repeats this process very slowly via hidden motor and ultimately this movement makes it look like it’s breathing, so I thought that was pretty cool looking.


We talked about Chapter 7: Memory, and then watched some videos on youtube about memory. We got a little vocab worksheet to fill out, but I haven’t had time to go over that because I’ve been working on two drawings for Drawing & Perspective and three drawings for Fundamentals of Design.